Reciprocal Link Building – What’s it all about

Reciprocal link building simply refers to the trading or sharing of links between different websites. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement and goes a long way in helping your website get higher visibility. For example: If you have a travel agency website then you can put your website link on a camping or hotel website and have their link on your website. It will be beneficial because both are from the same industry and to an extent will share the same category of clients. The important of link building doesn’t lie in posting your links on just about any website but only on websites that can bring your business or that are from the same industry as you are.

There are certain rules that you should follow especially while exchanging links or for effective reciprocal link building:

Relevancy: How relevant is the website where you want to put your link in or take a link from. It depends not only on the industry or the product or service but also on PageRank. Now if you initiate reciprocal link building with a website that is ranked 7001 then the chances are that you might never get any visitors from that site. So where’s the benefit?

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Blocking of reciprocal links: There are some websites who act in a smart manner. What they will do is share their links with you but block your reciprocal links. So you need to be extremely careful because you will lose out on valuable targeted audience.

Link pages: You should link with only those pages that have less than 50 links as anything more will mean that your link will get completely lost and will not be able to share the limelight and hence not get the amount of mileage you were expecting.