Advice For Designing A Blog Template

Blogs are the future of the Internet. They are the single most important concept that has changed the way the Internet was. Some even say that the blogs is a concept that has given the Internet back to the common man. Think about it, without blogs, you would have to spend money on a domain name, web space, and even know a bit of web designing and web programming to think of an identity on the Internet.

Blogs are commonly used today by people for personal as well as professional reasons. If you have your own blog, understand that the blog is as important as a website, and with the proper implementation of various effects, the blog will be visited by people, all and sundry. Therefore, you should pay proper attention to your blog template. Here are some suggestions for a good blog template:

Default Blog Templates: If you are setting up your blog on any of the free blog websites, the basic and default templates are good to use. Blogs are all about support to outside widgets and outside HTML and not every spunky new blog template will support every nifty piece of coding you wish to integrate into the template.

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Color: If you do have a company color combination, make sure you use it. If not, make sure you do not use any jazzy or dark colors for either the background or the font. Dark backgrounds are simply unable to decipher and you will experience many people just coming to your blog and veering away from it immediately.

No Ad Hell: People will come to your blog to read about whatever you wish to tell them. Keep the ads at a minimum. Ensure that there are no ads in the middle of the text. Graphic ads are slowly being phased out and it is better if you start phasing them out right now.