Save Money And Be Your Own SEO

Search engine optimisation is the Gospel for the webmasters who want their websites to rank highly in the world of the Internet. People will come to a website – a website unknown to them – only if they find a link to that website on the search engine, when making searches. It is general tendency for such searchers to click on the first five search results. Generally speaking not many users go beyond the first page. For that reason, SEO become quite important, because it helps to bring your website as high as it can on the search engine result pages.

Now, if you think that it is very complicated to search engine optimise your website, you are thoroughly mistaken. You do not even need a professional SEO either. You can be your own SEO. The following are some ways in which webmasters are conducting their own SEO stuff and doing quite well with it.

  1. Research on popularly used keywords using a tool like Overture and use these on your webpage content. Make sure your content is rich in information. Do not stuff keywords in the content, though. Using 1 instance of the keyword per 100 words is the limit.
  2. Segregate your content with proper headings. These headings should contain the keyword.
  3. Write articles and posts for directories, blogs, and forums. Make them search engine optimised with the keywords too. Provide a link for your website below them. This is a sure way of bringing in traffic to the website.
  4. Use Meta tags for your pages. These tell the search engines what your pages are all about.
  5. Provide a simple, HTML based sitemap. Most search engines, like MSN Search, use the sitemap to familiarize themselves with your website. But they do not decipher image-based sitemaps.
  6. Do not use flash animation and JavaScript. These confuse the search engines and are bad for SEO.