SEM stands for search engine marketing and is a broad term that encompasses various search engine marketing strategies and techniques. On the other hand SEO stands for search engine optimization and includes strategies to effectively make your website visible through search engines. So basically SEO deals with how best you can place your website in search engines. Let us take a look at some of the pros of SEM vis-à-vis SEO:


Pros of SEO include:

  1. It includes organic listings, which are considered to be a trusted source for relevant information and is also believed to be indexed only according to certain automated methods
  2. It provides natural targeted traffic that can convert into steady and growing traffic over a certain period
  3. The cost for SEO is frontloaded and are extremely good for people or businesses who have low or limited online promotion budget

Pros of SEM include:

  1. It allows paid traffic, which comes with its own measure of predictability and hence helps marketers in forecasting the volume as well as cost-efficiency for different metrics
  2. SEM initiates a free-market bidding system, which will offer you complete access to your target audience and at the same time provide you with the opportunity to launch online promotional campaigns as well as pursue them
  3. SEM will bring paid traffic to your website, which can further boost your website volume
  4. You can completely customize your SEM strategies and focus on internet user’s keyword search intent so that you are able to strategically position your brand within the given search engine dialogue
  5. Paid listings are an integral part of SEM and can be manually generated as well as constructed based on the consumer’s actual intent
  6. Sponsored ads also form a part of SEM can an easily drive higher sales as compared to SEO