SEO Benefits Of Hosting On Servers In Your Country

Hosting is an important issue that you need to consider if you are planning to make your website live. There are plenty of options where hosting plans and hosting company are concerned but did you know that there are certain SEO benefits for hosting on servers located in your country?

One of the primary reasons for hosting a website is to get traffic and generate revenue. This can be made possible if you get enough targeted traffic, which can be made possible if search engine spiders are able to find your website and index it. Sometimes the search engine spiders might not be able to index your web page and this is not always because of how your website has been structured; sometimes it is also because of the web hosting provider.

Experts from the industry believe that if you want your website to have a high rank on various search engines like Google or yahoo, you need to have a unique IP address, which might mean that you will have to pay extra to get a dedicated IP or a dedicated hosting server.

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The effectiveness of SEO can be measured by the targeted traffic coming to your website. If you host with local providers who have servers in your country and are not resellers then it can benefit you especially when it comes to SEO. For example: Google Australia will give your website more weight if you host your website in Australia vis-à-vis the US especially when searches are related to Australia. MSN on the other hand is extremely localized and hence gives a lot of weight to the server location and the domain name. So if you have a domain name and if your domain is being hosted in Australia then you will get more targeted traffic for searches related to Australia.