How SEM can help a business like yours!

The success of any small business relies on a magnitude of factors. However, one factor that you need to pay close attention to is online marketing. Online marketing services such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can boost your online exposure and help your website achieve better rankings on search engine results pages. SEM can drive more visitors to your website, leading to more conversions and sales – which is what we all want, right?

According to Business 2 Community, when applying an SEM strategy to your website, you can expect to receive 25% more clicks and 27% more profits than you otherwise would from having only an SEO or PPC campaign. The take away from this stat is that investing in SEM services will definitely lead to great results for your business.

As an SEM expert, I have helped numerous clients achieve better profits on relatively small investments. In this article, I will briefly explain what SEM is and how it can benefit a business like yours.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

What is SEM?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a type of online marketing where you pay search engines such as Google to advertise or display your website in their search result pages and other online directories. SEM is basically a combination of SEO and PPC services. By using SEM, your website will appear as a sponsored listing on top of the search results, whilst your organic rankings increase from the SEO efforts.

While you can choose to manage an SEM campaign by yourself, it is a much wiser idea to invest in professional SEM services, such as ours at Ignition Media. Professionals have the necessary expertise and knowhow to manage a campaign effectively. Moreover, professionals can also ensure that you do not spend on wasted clicks – they can use techniques that ensure that more potential customers who are willing to buy your products or services click on your links rather than people who simply are browsing for information.

Pros of SEM

Search engines are used extensively by consumers. It is estimated that there are over 1 trillion searches made by consumers in a year. What this means is that by investing in SEM, your business stands to gain a lot. Effective SEM services, such as ours at Ignition Media, will allow you to target consumers who are willing to buy products and services online. We make use of sophisticated tools to analyse what consumers search for and what keywords should be used to target consumers effectively. Through our services, you can also control when to show your advertisements, on which devices to show your advertisements and to target your listings to people belonging to specific geographies.

Quality advertisements on the right budget allow you to get to the top of search engine results even if you are not yet ranked organically in search engine listings. This dramatically increases the chances of driving traffic to your website. Through remarketing strategies, you can follow your prospective customers around the internet as well.

Who should use SEM?

In today’s world, a large number of businesses and organisations make use of SEM. Personally, I feel that SEM is a must for service businesses that are looking to target specific geographies, location-dependent businesses and eCommerce and online retail businesses. Sponsored listings always have a clear call to action, so you must make sure that your website is prepared for an inflow of visitors. Make sure that your website design is up to scratch before you start paying for sponsored listings.


SEM is a great way to boost your online marketing efforts and achieve better rankings on search engine results. SEM is basically a combination of SEO and PPC services, where you pay to have a sponsored listing on search engine pages based on specific keywords. When a user searches for these keywords, your sponsored listing will feature on top of organic listings. This helps drive more traffic to your website and offers more leads and conversions for you. With SEM, you can target consumers effectively, you can control when to show your advertisements and on which devices to display your advertisements on. If you’re an eCommerce merchant, an online retail business or a location-dependent business, then you consider the advantages that SEM services offer.

Here, at Ignition Media, I have specialised in SEM and SEO for well over 14 years now. I have helped numerous clients achieve better results on search engine listings, and with increased results come more conversions and sales. Speak with me, Nicole Brooke today to see how I can help boost your business. Call 07 5568 7515 or email [email protected]