6 epic mistakes to avoid in web design

I find it difficult to believe, but still, in today’s day and age, where you cannot escape the internet, over 50% of Australian businesses don’t have a website. In fact, according to the ABS, just 47% of Australian businesses have a website. If you’re looking to grow your business by investing in a website or even just looking to re-design your existing website, then it pays to give consideration to the web design itself. Failing to provide input for your website’s design, or worse, teaming with an inexperienced web designer could really hinder your online presence.

As a professional web designer with over 16 years of experience in the industry, I know almost all there is to know about web design. In this article, I will share with you 6 of the most commonly made web design mistakes which you must look to avoid at all costs.

1. Opening up new windows

I never build websites which open up new frames or windows to display content. This may have been one of the biggest trends of web design a few years ago but it is an epic mistake today. Multiple windows consume system resources; it complicates a visitor’s experience and slows down a computer’s responsiveness. In fact, if a user clicks on a link on a website only to find that a new window opens up, it will only annoy him or her.

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2. Making contact information difficult to find

Whatever you’re dealing directly with the public or business to business, it’s important that your contact information is easy to locate within your web design. Failing to include your contact details will certainly lead to a lot of lost business. Unfortunately, this is one mistake which many website owners and even some web designers continue to make. Make sure your contact information is clearly presented throughout your website. In the websites that I create, I tend to add contact details either in the header/footer of the web design. I also ensure to create a separate contact page on all sites. Presenting contact information will add legitimacy and genuineness to your business. Do not miss out on putting up your contact details.

3. Including out-of-date information

I’m always surprised to see just how many websites offer out-of-date information or fail to offer any real value to visitors. This is one web design mistake that you definitely need to avoid. Dated content will make you lose credibility and users will have a bad experience on your site. Make sure that your content is fresh and updated at all times. Moreover, your content also needs to be accurate and any errors should be fixed immediately.

4. Heavy graphics and imagery

Including heavy images and graphics is always a BIG NO for any website. While this web design trend has been followed traditionally for desktop access, it is even more important for mobile devices. The modern-day user has much less time and patience to wait for webpages to load. In fact, a survey published by Adobe in 2008 revealed that a staggering 39% of users will leave a website if it takes too long to load. At Ignition Media, I always keep web design simple and avoid heavy graphics and imagery as far as possible.

5. Non-responsive web design

It is no secret that internet consumption on desktop devices has been surpassed by mobiles and tablets. This fact can mean only one thing – your web design needs to be optimised for mobile users as well as desktop users. This can be achieved through responsive web design, which I follow for every website that I build. Responsive websites automatically adjust to the screen they are being viewed on. Never make the mistake of ignoring the need for responsive web design.

6. Spelling and grammar errors

Spelling and grammar errors on your website will make you look very unprofessional in the eyes of your visitors. Even if you have killer content to showcase, simple errors in spelling and grammar will put users off. You might want to make use of professional copywriting services, such as those offered at Ignition Media, to reduce these errors. When you work with professionals like us, you will rest assured that only high-quality content will be showcased on your website. We can help polish your website and make it look much more professional to your visitors. If you choose to do things on your own, make sure that you proofread everything that is to be posted on your site and never update your website too quickly. If you’re posting on your website through a mobile device, make sure to avoid typographical errors and autocorrect errors.

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Small mistakes in web design can translate to huge losses for your business. Make sure that your website doesn’t open pages in new windows. Likewise, if your contact information isn’t easy to find or is not available, you risk losing a lot of credibilities – this, therefore, needs to be rectified. Never include out-of-date information on your website and refrain from using heavy graphics and imagery. Do not ignore the need for a responsive website and make sure that your site doesn’t include any spelling or grammar errors.

Getting everything right can be difficult for a business owner, so it is always a good idea to take the help of professional web design services, such as ours at Ignition Media. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, I know what it takes to build great, engaging websites – free from mistakes. Leave the technicalities of web design to me and focus on the more important parts of your business. I’ll make sure that your website works out for you.

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