The Principle behind Blogs and Search Engine Rankings

One of the best ways to make it through the clutter of information in the World Wide Web is to publish your writing through blogs and to do it well. Blogs have ready-made templates which makes you do away with the trouble of creating pages yourself. Blogs also have popular domain names, so as long as your article is optimised and it’s written well, it’s bound to be listed on top of search engines. Below are things you should double check, though, to make sure that you’re doing things right.

Look at your URL

Your URL’s tail might have random characters. This is what is usually generated by blog programs, but you can tweak it a bit and make it more search engine-friendly. To stress the relevance of your article, apply the whole title of your article at the tail end of the URL. This way, search engines can track it easier and list your page on top of every other page in the same niche.

Apply Internal Linking

Is one of your pages more popular than the rest? Try linking the other pages to this popular article and soon enough, all of your web pages will rank higher in search engines. Internal linking or self referencing works wonders. Anyway, most of your articles will be talking about related things, so self referencing will also help your reader find his/her way around your website.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Apply Image

Some people aren’t on the look-out for textual information, but they do look for images. Whenever you can, make sure that your articles come with useful and related images. Instead of naming them with random characters, name the image file with the most relevant keyword you can think of, or even the title of your article. Search engines will automatically provide a link back to your article when they index the image onto their databases. If the Internet user is curious enough, s/he will click on your website’s link.

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