SPAM Alert: How to Conduct Social Media Marketing at a Distance

The main point, really, is to recognize that the Internet is made up of social networking communities who are here to share information with one another. While this sharing culture is the perfect setting for online shops wishing to announce their main events, someone has to draw the line. When is store visibility a positive thing, and when does it turn into a nuisance?

It’s not really that hard to figure out. If you have a salesman following you around just to hand you a flyer about houses on sale, you’ll feel harassed, right? The same thing happens in an online social networking community. When you add a store, thinking that it’s good to have a commercial contact on your list, you’ll eventually regret the decision once that store floods your newsfeed with too many announcements. Entrepreneurs should always think this way and put themselves in their contact’s shoes.

On the other hand, too little visibility is also a bad thing. When nothing happens to your store for an entire month, clients might start thinking that the business is over. Zero-progress is often translated as zero-profits, and if a store isn’t getting any money from its prospective clients, then that says bad things about its products.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

It’s safe to post announcements at least once a week, and at most, on a daily basis. Timing announcements and sales during payday is also a good strategy. There’s no use trying to oversell your products when people have no means to pay for them. Making your goods look like a necessity by promoting them through articles and videos is also a good accompaniment to your social networking announcements.

Make sure that you give out useful information while you’re promoting your products. Clients appreciate it when you give out free tips instead of just overselling everything that’s in your store. Even if you know they’re smart enough to notice it’s a marketing ploy, efforts to make your sales talk appear like a DIY tip will always be appreciated.

If you’re unsure what constitutes spam then you’re best to talk to a professional as spamming can be detrimental to your website rankings and credibility. Ignition Media offer Social Media services to enhance your websites rankings through their Gold Coast website promotion packages. Contact Ignition Media and ask about the RankIt SEO packages and custom SEO solutions.

Social networks online have the same nuances as your college life. If you play it cool, you’ll be popular among your peers. When you push too hard, you’ll be annoying people and no one would want to talk to you.