The Pros & Cons of Artistic Website Design for Businesses

What if the artwork overshadows the website’s message? This is what usually worries small business owners when they use extremely artistic and rather experimental website designs. While hand-drawn images are trendy in shirts and blog sites today, they’re not always the right background images to use on a website—unless they do embody the brand’s attitude.

Website designs should always be “in character”. It’s not enough that the elements are pretty, or that the page looks attractive when all the elements have been put together. They need to present a whole idea to the website visitors, and this idea should always be distinctively characteristic of the product or service that’s being marketed.

An artistic website is only advantageous if the website is selling artistic products. Ideally, the principle behind the website’s focal point (the artistic icon or background image) matches the designs on the products on display. If the image, no matter how good it is as an artwork, has nothing to do with the company or the products on display, then it doesn’t work well as an element of the website. If the “artistic” object on the other hand is also an icon used to identify the brand, then it might work well as an element of the website.

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The key here is to keep all the elements of the website unified. Experimental website designs might catch the attention of visitors because they look new. However, the experimental factors in the website shouldn’t get in the way of the website’s navigation. Make sure that artistic experiments still keep the visitors’ needs in mind. If they make the content appear too cluttered, and if they tend to confuse the visitors, then they might be bad for business. It would be safer for small business owners to stick to conventional website templates.

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