Top 5 Email Marketing Software Websites

There are a wide variety of email marketing software websites over the Internet today. Choosing the top 5 most popular and effective websites can be a bit difficult. However, since some sites stand out over the other, you’ll do best to consider these programs to not just keep the costs down, but also ensure you newsletters reach their target audience effectively.

Factors To Look For When Choosing Email Marketing Software

Look for the following factors when choosing email marketing software:

  • A comprehensive set of features that are useful in helping you create emails, monitor results, expand contact lists etc.
  • Should offer you ease of use so that using the software become easy and comfortable when sending bulk emailers or newsletters as well as allowing setting up the account quick and stress-free.
  • Emailers are part design part content. Therefore, the email marketing software should help you with the design process, besides having an HTML editor to add links, tables, and images as well as develop contact list.
  • Another important factor is the reports. These should be comprehensive, easy to read and analyse to find out the effectiveness of your email campaign.
  • Of course, the help and technical support process is also crucial in choosing the best email marketing software company. So look for a website that offers comprehensive support online including using tutorials, quick-access knowledgebase, live chap, and time-bound email support.

Top 5 Email Marketing Software Websites

  1. iContact
  2. ConstantContact
  3. Benchmark
  4. Pinpointe
  5. Mad Mimi

Finally, the primary goal of a good and reliable email marketing software website is to help increase your website traffic or revenue by allowing you access with your target audience (including your existing subscribers and potential ones) to give them an effective and relevant message with measurable outcome so that you can improve your business.

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