What Makes An SEO Friendly Website?

There’s so much written about search engine optimization that no webmaster can miss it. In fact, you cannot afford to ignore SEO if you plan to be a substantial Internet entrepreneur. Simply speaking, SEO is a bundle of strategies that webmasters use in order to bring their websites at the top of the search engine heap. This process is not as tortuous as it may sound, because there are some very simple methods that you can use in order to rank within the first five results that the search engines throw up.

Some of the simplest methods relate to keyword optimization. Search engines rank websites based on keywords. Elementary though this may sound, eighty percent of your SEO-friendly efforts must focus on keywords. Use tools like Overture and Google Suggest to find what people are looking for, and then use these terms judiciously in your website. At the same time, you do not have to go aboard. Search engines hate webpages that stuff keywords. They will simply ban your website if you do that.

Do not use flash, JavaScript, or any other fancy animation in your website. Some people think that these things can really add to the appeal of the website, but think again. Search engines look upon flash as nothing but blank spaces and upon JavaScript as a packet of indecipherable stuff. These are definitely not going to improve your SEO prospects.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Instead, meaningful content always rules. Each webpage must have at least 400 words of content. It should really provide content. When people come over to your site, the search engines will rank it better and this will show in your future prospects.

Remember to update your website or blog constantly. A stagnating website or blog is pushed out of the realms of the search engine world. The more you update your website with information-driven content, the better prospects it will have for SEO.