Top 5 WordPress Plug-Ins To Enhance SEO

WordPress is one of the leading portals where you can create your own blog or now, a CMS website (Content Management System). Today, blogs are quite famous and a successful blog is as good as a successful website. If you are using your blog on WordPress for professional reasons, you will require having it SEO friendly. Here are the top five WordPress Plug-ins to enhance the SEO of your blog:

XML Sitemap Generator: This plug-in creates a XML sitemap, a compliant sitemap for the WordPress blog. It is supported by Google, MSN Search, Yahoo and Ask. This XML sitemap was introduced by Google. It was adopted later by Yahoo, MSN and Ask. The Sitemap has been available for all WordPress versions since ver 1.5. The user interface can customize all the parameters. It is available in many languages. The Sitemap generates a sitemap for all types of WordPress pages.

Add-Meta-Tags WordPress Plug-in: This plug-in adds XHTML meta tags to the WordPress blog. The Meta tags are fully automatic and SEO friendly.

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Sitemap Generator Plug-in: This is another plug-in that creates a sitemap for any blog powered by WordPress. It is not a true sitemap generator and is highly customizable. It has its own options page in the WordPress admin panel. Sitemap Generator Plug-in allows for multiple page generation with permalink support and navigation. It also lets you choose what to display, whether to show comments or not and even the order to list items in.

All In One SEO Pack: This is another good WordPress Plug-in that takes care of the titles, descriptions, keywords and Duplicate Content.

WASABI WP: This plug-in works wonders if you wish to systemize your posts. It puts out a series of related entries, based on the keywords matched.

These are the top five WordPress plug-ins which will enhance the SEO of any blog or website.