Top 5 WordPress Plug-Ins

WordPress is one of the leading blog hosting websites today. Though the blogs are quite useful and feature rich in their default avatar, there are various Plug-ins which greatly enhance the experience of using WordPress. Here is a short list of the top five WordPress Plug-in:

Google Sitemap Generator:
This tool generates a XML sitemap every time your blog is updated. Also, it allows webmasters to upload an XML file which is named as a ‘sitemap’, containing the links to all the pages of a given website. This XML generator is also goof for the search engine optimization of the website, with the web crawlers sent to the new content directly, instead of a random crawl.

Subscription to Comments:
This plug-in enables your blog readers to subscribe to the comments to the posts on your blog. It adds a checkbox at the end of the comment on each post. When it is checked by the commenter, he or she receives an email update as and when someone adds a new comment.

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Similar Posts
Similar posts are another important WordPress plug-in. This plug-ins display a set of related blog articles at the foot of every blog spot. This ensures that the reader stays at the site for a longer time and it also improves the internal linking in the blog.

MyAvatars puts a face to the name of the commenters. It enables the commenter to display a user chosen image besides every comment.

Contact Forms:
As the name suggests, this plug-in adds a contact form to the blog.

These are the best plug-in for your WordPress blog. Of course, there are several other word press plug-ins, which will help your blog and enhance it further. A quick search on the Internet will give you a lot of links that have some of the best plug-in for WordPress blogs.