5 Reasons your business should invest in Social Media

As a small business owner, social media should be one of your most important marketing channels. The February 2016 statistics as reported by marginmedia.com.au reveal that in Australia alone, there are 2,800,000 Twitter Users, 15,000,000 Facebook Users, 5,000,000 Instagram Users and 60,000 Google+ Users. These statistics can only mean one thing – if you’re not already taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a huge audience.

As an expert in social media marketing, I for one know the significance it can play in building brand awareness and developing the reputation of a business. Continue reading this article as I list out some of the top reasons why your business should invest in social media.

1. High engagement levels

The biggest reason to invest in social media is that it allows you to give customers a highly personalised experience. The engagement level that social media can offer your customers is extremely high. Remember – people like dealing directly with real people rather than dealing with large corporations and lengthy processes. Social media will allow you to directly reach out and engage with your audience. By keeping your audience engaged, you can encourage repeat purchases, get referrals and make more sales – all through a single platform.

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2. Immediate communication

Unlike most other channels, social media offers immediate communication with customers. The minute there is any activity on social media, you will be notified. You can immediately respond to customer queries. Understand that customers hate being put on hold and they don’t like waiting for hours to receive an email response to their questions. However, managing social media accounts can be a time-consuming affair, so it is often a good idea to outsource services to professionals, such as us at Ignition Media. As a social media expert, I can assist you with every aspect of your campaign – whether it is a simple consultation or full campaign management. Through professional social media services, you can communicate immediately with your customers and keep them happy.

3. Build brand loyalty and reputation

Social media can help you build real and meaningful relationships with your customers. I always make use of social media to gain insights on customers. Social media also allows me to communicate with complementary businesses and increase brand mentions for my clients. Remember that users will always be perceptive to your posts on social media, so this is a great opportunity for you to build your brand loyalty and reputation. When you actively engage with an audience on social media, you will gain a loyal following and will come across as a reputable business with a strong vision in place.

4. Target and retarget your audience

One of the main reasons I believe your business should invest in social media is because it allows you to target and retarget customers quite effectively. When I manage a social media campaign for a client, I am able to create highly customisable ads for the targeted audience – this is based on their industry, geographical location, purchase history and even their education levels. Moreover, by using the Facebook link on websites, I can even retarget users who visit the site. These are those who are most likely to convert into leads and ultimately into sales. This aspect of social media simply mustn’t be overlooked.

5. Boost SEO and drive traffic

Search engine crawlers know which websites receive consistent traffic. By engaging with an audience on social media, not only will you drive traffic to your site, but you will also boost your SEO efforts – leading to a better organic ranking on search engines. At Ignition Media, social media marketing forms an integral part of my SEO strategies. While I work to optimise the pages of a website, social media engagement allows the website to shoot up the ranks on search engine results pages.


Social media is one of the best marketing channels your business can make use of. By investing in social media, you will benefit from high engagement levels with customers and you can also communicate with them immediately. Social media platforms allow you to build on your reputation and brand loyalty. You can also effectively target and retarget your audience on social media sites. Finally, social media marketing can be used to drive a steady flow of traffic to your website to boost your SEO efforts.

Here, at Ignition Media, we are experts in offering social media marketing services. My expertise in this field allows us to recognise which is the best platform for marketing your business and how you should go about it. Whether you need basic consultation, full-scale campaigns or ongoing management of a social media campaign, I can help you out. Don’t miss out on valuable leads and sales – make use of social media marketing services.

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