6 reasons to consider Facebook Advertising for your business

Advertising on Facebook is increasingly becoming a part of most SEM campaigns. Facebook Ads is a great way to complement Google Ads and other PPC advertising campaigns because of the large audience it attracts. According to roymorgan.com, 13 million Australians visited Facebook per month in the 12 months leading to March 2015. That’s 56% of Australians on Facebook each and every month! This is certainly one audience you want to tap into and there is no better way to do this than by introducing Facebook ads into your SEM campaign. Reports claim that social media has become so prevalent in the lives of Millenials that people travel miles just to get a good Instagram post on their wall.

Personally, I have been providing SEM services for well over a decade and Facebook ads are increasingly becoming a part of every campaign that I undertake. Today, I will explain not only why I use Facebook ads but why I think you should also.

1. Targeted advertising

One of the biggest reasons why I love Facebook ads is that it provides me with an opportunity to target my audience effectively. Not only can I target specific people belonging to a particular geography, industry, education levels or purchase history, but I can also use data from my ELK Stack to reach out to new people who are similar to my customer base. I can also add code to the websites of my SEM clients and this allows me to retarget users who have visited the website – I find this to be a great marketing tool.

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2. More flexible than Google AdWords

While I may have certainly used Google AdWords a lot, these days I’ve become just as big a fan of Facebook ads, primarily because of the higher flexibility offered by Facebook. Facebook offers me extra character lengths for entering ad descriptions and I can even create image-based ads, which proves to be far better than what Google AdWords offers me.

3. Multiple ad views

Given that there are so many Facebook users on who visit the site more than once in a day, Facebook ads certainly gain more attention than other types of ads. When users view an ad more than once, it leaves a positive effect. Moreover, ads also have a better chance of getting noticed if they are presented to users more often than once.

4. A/B testing of ads

Another reason why I tend to use Facebook ads is because of its A/B testing features. Facebook’s power editor allows me to split and test my ads. This in turn allows me to find the right audience and also see which ad performs the best. Testing of ads offers valuable insight on which ads work and which don’t – it also allows me to make changes to the creative SEM process. This feature of Facebook ads helps deliver the best possible returns on investment and also ensures that there is not much-wasted spend.

5. Facebook insights

The Facebook insights tool greatly helps marketers, including myself. Insights offer vital statistics on the Facebook ads that I create and this allows me to understand how people interact with ads, as also the pages I create. Some of the metrics that are offered by Facebook insights include audience demographics, engagement metrics, page performance metrics, ad reach, impressions and much more. These metrics allow me to find out how to improve conversions and lets me control ad spend as well – maximising the returns on investments.

6. Massive audience

With over 15,000,000 Australian Facebook users active on the social media site, I can guarantee that a good target audience for every business, industry or niche exists on Facebook. This massive figure means that if used properly, Facebook ads will certainly be seen by the right audience group. Moreover, as ads get shared, likes or get commented on, the likelihood of an ad becoming visible to users increases manifold. Facebook presents a wonderful advertising opportunity which no marketer can afford to overlook.

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Facebook ads should be included in every SEM campaign going around today. Advertising on Facebook can complement other strategies in place and it can deliver great returns on investments made. Some of the benefits of advertising on Facebook include targeted advertising, higher flexibility than AdWords, ability to show an ad to a user multiple times, A/B ad testing capabilities, Facebook insights and the massive audience base on the social media platform. Tapping into Facebook and using its tools effectively can allow SEM campaigns to be successful.

Here, at Ignition Media, I make use of Facebook ads in the SEM services that I offer. I use a combination of SEO, Google AdWords and Facebook advertising to ensure more traffic is driven to your website. More traffic leads to more conversions which lead to more sales. Thanks to my expertise, I ensure that you get the best results from your investments. To find out more about my SEM services, please get in touch with me, Nicole Brooke.