Best Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Website

Social media has become an important part of the internet life. So, it goes without saying, your website has to heavily integrate social media in its system to further engage visitors and get more views into your pages.

WordPress has a number of social media plugins for such purpose. Here are some of the best plugins that can make your WordPress website into an amazing social media hub:

  1. ShareBar—This is a social media sharing button that offers one amazing feature: it allows you to customize your button list. You can add various social media accounts into the like area (which is, literally, a share bar on your website). This is good for its expansion potential and its convenience (only on plugin for various social media networks!).
  1. Facebook Comments for WordPress—A plugin that allows visitors to comments on your site using their Facebook accounts. This works two ways: a visitor will no longer have to do a separate log in on your site and the comments can appear on the commenter’s Facebook page.
  1. ShareThis—Easily among the most popular social media sharing plugins available, ShareThis is a good choice because it is unobtrusive and highly customizable in terms of function (for instance, you can choose whether you share content per page or per post) and appearance.
  1. Smart Youtube—This plugin allows you to post and embed YouTube videos on your website easily, allowing you to have more consistent look on how the videos appear on your site.
  1.  Social Metrics—Basically, this will allow you to check up on how your pages are doing in terms of social media shares; a good tool to have if you have integrated a lot of social media formats on your website.
  1. BuddyPress—A pluggin that will allow users to create a user account for your site (basically, if you want your visitors to register in order to gain access to some or all of your website features). This is a good tool if you want your visitors to interact with each other via commenting and messaging, among others. Use unlimited wordpress hosting for withstanding sudden spikes in traffic or handling massive data uploads.
  1. Bookmark Me—A popular social media bookmarking plugin that is available in several languages.

Obviously, there are more social plugins available for your WordPress website. Feel free to check it out to know what your website would need.

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