Campaign Monitor vs MailChimp: What Email Marketing System is Better?

Although email marketing has become less a priority or online merchants and entrepreneurs, it hasn’t exactly become useless. While people consume more of their time online at social media sites, they still do check their emails regularly.

Point is: there are still eyeballs on emails—and it’s best to exploit this opportunity to get maximum income.

An email marketing system is essentially the application that handles this technique. Basically, it sends bulk emails to the marketer’s audience (some systems allow the sending of emails to unsolicited audiences). Besides that, the system also provides the marketer with the tools to check if the email campaign is working and the flexibility to customise email templates, among others.

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Two of the more popular email marketing systems are Campaign Monitor and MailChimp? Which one is the better choice?

Bar none, Campaign Monitor is one of the most used marketing systems today. It has unlimited picture hosting and has flexible pricing options (you can buy according to contact count or according to email sent).

With Google Analytics integration and built-in tools for user statistics, a marketer can easily get information on the number of clicks, forwards, and spam reports an email gets. This is important because, as a marketer, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Campaign Monitor allows for a customised spreadsheet for file export.

It also has a very responsive 24-hour email customer support service and good pricing options.

On the downside, it’s options for email creation is a bit more complicated as it involves HTML editing. Although this means the template can be altered and manipulated flexibly according to your needs, it will require HTML knowledge.

MailChimp offers pretty much the same features as Campaign Monitor. It’s main edge over Campaign Monitor? The easy to use features. The templates, for instance, can be slightly edited using the Delivery Doctor feature.

However, this is also a disadvantage, as easy to use here means less power. It also has less flexible payments options and less manageable contact organisation features.

Basically, Campaign Monitor is used by more marketers with experience and those who require more from their email marketing campaigns. Beginners can use MailChimp because it is easy, but they’ll surely outgrow it easily.

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