Creating a Custom Landing Page in Facebook using ‘Static HTML’ Application

A Facebook landing page is the page you use on the welcome tab of a group or “like” on this social media network. It cannot be placed on an ordinary profile, needless to say. It’s the first thing you see when you go to a business Facebook page.

It’s important to have a landing page on Facebook because it helps give a good first impression. Unlike the timeline wherein the content moves depending on what you and your followers post, the landing page is static. It’s also a good opportunity to show what your page can offer. Will you offer discounts to your Facebook followers, for instance? Or do you simply want to present the URL on your site what it offers on the page? Basically, you have the landing page to do this.

To create a landing plage, go the Static HTML application on Facebook and add it (just search for it on the search box). Of course, it goes with saying that you need to be a moderator of a page before you can add the application.

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Once you’ve added it, you can go to your page and look for the button that will prompt you to add a landing page. When you press this, a prompt will make you choose what page you want the landing page on. After this, you add the landing page.

Now, creating the actual content of the landing page is a bit more complicated. But once you have the actual content on HTML codes, put them on the code boxes. There are two boxes there. If you leave the second one empty, non-fans will see your landing page. If not, only fans will see it. Basically, you put basically the same codes on the boxes.

Of course, you have to make sure that the landing page will be effective in helping you attain your goal (whether to facilitate a sale or to increase your site’s traffic). Make sure the landing page suggests a basic ad direct to the point action (for instance, suggest the visitor to like your Facebook page, among others). It should also have captivating content—images is the best choice here as it instant attracts attention.

Offering incentives via the landing page (if applicable) is a good plan too.

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