Freelancers versus Website Design Companies: Pros and Cons

Besides the actual skill and ability of the designer, one may consider when planning on having a website developed is whether to choose a freelance designer or a design company.


The actual definition of a freelancer is someone who offers services to an employer without any long-term obligation. A freelance designer works within that same conceit. Usually, a freelancer design is not connected to any company and does the design services directly for a client.

Obviously, the edge of freelancers over design companies is their price. Freelancers can offer services for a lower price because they do not have any overhead expenses. Their clients, therefore, merely pay for the actual designing job and any other additional services rendered

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By getting a freelancer, the client can also expect a more personalised service.

But a freelancer cannot guarantee top notch service. This isn’t to belittle the skills of freelancers, as a freelancer can be as good as a design from a design company or firm. However, a freelance works for himself. When the client is not satisfied with the design, he has no one else to report it to. He is left with the freelancer, so the process can be a bit of a hit or miss

There’s also the matter of equipment and software. Is the freelancer up to date with the latest designing technologies and techniques?

In short, freelancers can offer a more personal type of service for less the cost, but with no guarantee of quality assurance.

Website Design companies

Website design companies, on the other hand, can offer a standardised service. This is because, most of the time, the product they create is checked and approved before it is delivered to a client. The company has a name to uphold, after all, so they make sure everything they give to the client is top notch. Otherwise, they’ll have to redo it again, which will mean lost revenue opportunity.

Design companies also make sure they use the latest technologies and techniques. And since they can afford it, acquiring them won’t be a problem. These companies make sure they offer all possible options to attract clients. For the clients, this means their site will be made using the best tools.

On the downside, design companies charge more. This is because more people are involved in the creation and development of very single website.

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