How to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is a very powerful tool with a strong USP. It allows brands to make use of two powerful forces- photo sharing and mobile- to promote their products and services to target customers effectively. Given below are a few tips on how you can promote your brand on Instagram:

Use Instagram to Tell A Story

Rather than focusing on obvious marketing use this platform to tell a visual story. People don’t tolerate aggressive marketing so you will have to focus first on your customers and keep your efforts very subtle.

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Use Humor And Beautiful Images to Your Advantage

It has been seen that most people respond positively to photographs that are either humorous or present beautiful imagery so it goes without saying that you should use that to your advantage. Instead of posting random pictures, create a stream of photographs that would be memorable to your users. The focus should be on low volume but high value photos.

Keep Your Instagram Name Same As Your Facebook and Twitter Name

This will allow your potential customers to easily recognize you and find you on Instagram. This will also ensure that you get the most benefit from cross-platform marketing, allowing you to get the most out of tagging.

Use Hash tags Wisely

Hashtag photographs will allow your profile to be discovered by people who aren’t yet your followers. However, don’t try too hard or you will come across as a spammer.  Don’t try to stuff your taglines with hashtags since it will only backfire.

If you are not yet sure how to promote your brand on Instagram, Ignition Media can help. Contact us today and we will be glad to formulate an Instagram marketing strategy that will definitely increase your brand visibility on the network.