Why Google Analytics is A Must for Your Website

Most people have heard of Google Analytics but don’t know how valuable a resource this is and how to make the most of it. For those who are new at Google Analytics, it can prove to be very overwhelming. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to give up the idea of using it before they even discover the information wealth it provides. Given below are a few reasons why it is a must for any website:

It Provides A Wealth of Visitor Data

Google Analytics provides you information of the geographic location of your visitors, who they are, the frequency of their visit, the browsers and computers that they use to visit the website.

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Information on the Traffic Sources

It also provides you information on how people reach your website, if they use a particular search engine, are referred by another website or the keywords that they use to find your website.

Information on Goals And Content

With Google Analytics you can even find out what type of content will a reader find attractive, the page they enter on your website and the page from where they exist most frequently. You can also set up goals in Google Analytics to get a report if the goals are achieved. The goals can be purchase goals, downloads, registrations and any other desired user action.

Information Useful for Ecommerce Websites

Websites selling their products online can get a lot of information such as the most popular items, revenue average value of orders and much more.

Working with Google Analytics effectively requires a lot of experience and understanding of this tool. Rely on Ignition Media will definitely make this easy for you. Contact us today for your analytical needs and we’ll take care of them!