How to Set Social Media Goals

These days, fans, followers, likes, shares, tweets, retweets and other social media terms are the terms used by millions of people worldwide. For business owners, being a part of the social media world is extremely beneficial. The benefits will be visible, only if the marketing campaign on social media is properly planned. In order to create the plan, and start moving in a particular direction, social media goals must be set.

Ignition Media offers a range of social media marketing services for the clients, but often, the hardest element is to ensure the client has realistic goals. In this article, we look at how to do just that.

The starting point of every strategy, including social media marketing strategies, is objectives and goals. When establishing the goals, there are several things which must be taken into account. Here is what you should do:

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Be specific – this is one of the most important things when setting goals. In order to start, think about the results you want. The wrong approach would look like this: our goal is to have more Twitter followers. The goal is not properly set, because it is not clear enough. You need to dig deeper, and be more specific with the idea you have. Specific goals would look like this: our goal is to increase the number of Twitter followers by 10 % in the next three months. Properly defined goals will help you to measure your accomplishments.

Measure your goals – another thing you need to do is to measure your goals. That would not be possible without specific goals, because you wouldn’t know if you accomplished the goal or not.

Be realistic – when you set a certain goal, you need to carefully consider is that a realistic option. Here, at Ignition Media, we always try to explain to our clients the fact that attaining success is not something that can come overnight, especially when it comes to social media marketing. If you have unrealistic goals, you will be extremely disappointed once you realise you did not achieve them. If we take Twitter as an example again, maybe your ultimate goal is to have millions of followers. At the moment, it is not realistic. A much better approach is to take one step at the time. Once you achieve the current goal, you can set a new one. You will move in the right direction to eventually achieve your ultimate goal.

Set goals which are relevant to your business – always focus on goals which are relevant to your business. Relevant goals are the ones with a potential to affect your business.

Set a timeframe – it is highly significant to set a deadline for the goals. Take the example we provided above: our goal is to increase the number of Twitter followers by 10% in the next three months. With a timeframe, the goal you set becomes tangible and real.

Learn, explore and improve – you need to keep in mind that sometimes, you may not meet the goals you set. It is a part of social media marketing, but that should not discourage you. By reviewing your work, you will figure out what to change, and which areas should be improved. Make sure to always explore some new possibilities.


Social media marketing plays a very important role in the business world today. It is a great way to present your product or service to millions of people around the globe. To have a successful social media campaign, you must set the goals. There are several crucial points in it. Those points are: to be specific, to measure your goals and achievements, and to be realistic. Also, you should set goals which are relevant to your business, to set a timeframe in which the goals should be achieved. Constant work on improvements, by learning and exploring new possibilities is significant as well. Keep in mind the goals will change over time, because your business will improve.

If you need professional assistance in the area of social media marketing, feel free to contact us. Ignition Media offers a wide range of services in this particular field, including Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and YouTube management.

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