Import Your Blogs to your Facebook Page with ‘Social RSS’ Application

Do you want an easy to import blog entries to your Facebook page?

There are a number of ways to do this without the help of a third party application. For instance, you can use the Notes features on Facebook. While this can be quite simple, it also has limitations. For instance, it offers little to no options for optimum visual optimization. It also has no back-linking functions).

This is why many websites use RSS to import content from a website to Facebook.

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RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a web feed that can be accessed using a specialized application (or an RSS reader). When a Facebook user, for instance, has a number of favoured websites and blogs, he would subscribe to their RSS feeds. The content from these sites, in turn, become web feeds that are syndicated to the reader. The process is automatic (the content is syndicated as soon as they are published) and effective (because of back-linking functions).

You can put your blog’s content on syndication via the Social RSS application on Facebook. Basically, this is what the Social RSS does: when you put a post on your blog, the Social RSS app will automatically post it on your Facebook Wall and, in turn, on the Wall of your fans/followers. This serves as a back-link as well, so it helps your search engine optimization endeavors.

To do this, add the app on your Facebook account and put in the sites you want Social RSS to import. It even provides the option for automatic post likes as well.

One of the good things about this app is that it supports multiple importing of feeds. This means it won’t be a problem if you maintain several blogs. Besides being published on your Facebook wall, it will also appear in the Social RSS tab as well. But the best feature of this app is it allows customization; from the number of sites you want to display on the tab or the amount of content you want import, you have the options right here.

Also, make sure that the content you import through the app are not objectionable, obscene, or derogatory.

There is a paid version of the Social RSS application that allows more posts per hours (the free version has a limit, obviously), among others.

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