How to Prevent Spam on a Website

The phenomenal popularity of the internet has led to many different innovations and online practices. Networking, marketing and blogging are only few of the countless online activities these days. Then there’s spamming. If you’re running a blog site, chances are you’ve already encountered several of those annoying spam comments and enquiries. Here are some ways to prevent spam on your website.

Use No Follow for Comments

Comment spam attacks many websites for one main reason, and that is to acquire as many links as they can. Most search engines these days give points to increase a site’s ranking based on how many websites it has linked into. So when you enable no follow links for comments, the spammer won’t benefit from adding links to your comments.

Manual Comment Moderation

Filtering comments is the most basic approach for blog owners to prevent publication of comment spam. By reviewing comments, you will be able to disapprove spam from getting into your website. Besides preventing spam, manual approval of comments also ensures cleanliness that conforms to your website’s policy.

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Require User Registration

Requiring users to register first before they can post comments on your blog will significantly reduce comment spam on your site. The problem, however, is that a lot of people find the process too complex and too time consuming. If you’re fishing for comments, this may not be your ideal spam prevention technique. Nevertheless, user registration will help prevent comment spam on your site.

Block IP Ranges

This may be the most logical way to get rid of spamming, whether it’s comment spamming or enquiry spamming. Let’s say for instance you’re a veterinarian in Texas. You won’t probably need for anyone in other countries to access your website. If you’re not aiming to practice or travel to another country then it would be in your best interest to block visitors from such country from accessing your website. There are plugins available that will examine the source of spam comments. Once detected, the plugin will automatically bar the comment spammers if they originate from the known spam addresses.

As you see, spam messages are no longer limited to email and they will always be a problem your site. To preserve the reputation and credibility of your site, you need a well-designed site to prevent comment and enquiry spam. Contact Ignition Media to effectively battle spam out from your site.