How to Perform Keyword Analysis for Your Website

Keywords are very important to improve the ranking of a website in the search engine result pages (SERP). When utilizing incorrect words and phrases, it is impossible to reach the target audience and it will only make the whole process of business promotion useless. To achieve a top spot in the SERP, it is extremely critical to conduct a careful keyword analysis. Here’s how you can perform keyword analysis for your website.

Define the Words that are Best Associated to Your Business

Determine all the words and phrases your customers could be typing into the search engine research box to find your business. Ask your friends about the words they associate with your business. You can also identify these words yourself by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. What would you be typing into Google, Yahoo or MSN search engine to find your product?

Find Out the Search Traffic for Each Keyword

Now type in the words or phrases you have identified earlier using dependable sites that assist in keyword research like Google’s Adwords, MSN AdCenter or Wordtracker. Determine the monthly searches for each keyword and delete the words or phrases that bring disappointing results. Keywords that have less than 1,000 searches a month are not ideal, unless you are really offering something unique and those are the top keywords that visitors are searching for. If you’re only starting a site the best approach is to stick with keywords that aren’t too competitive but will bring decent traffic to your site.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Find Their Relevance and Competition

Remove all duplicates and keywords that are not relevant. You should also consider omitting competitor brand names for obvious reasons. Furthermore, it is also vital to study your competition and determine who’s ranking highest for the keywords you are targeting. Study their websites and adjust your keywords according to what your site offers. Analysing your competitors is the best way to implement improved SEO techniques to your site so you can get ahead of them in the business.

Using the right keywords can boost the visibility of your website, and top SEO companies understand the importance of these keywords and keyword phrases. Since they know how to analyse the target audience, they can select the right words and phrases which are relevant to your business. Ignition Media is a reputable SEO company who can help you perform keyword analysis for your website.