What is Social Media Website Design?

Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, it’s near impossible for you to create a social media website. However, the most you can do is facilitate a website designer that will turn your page into a social media hub.

So how do you do a design that will help you maximize social media?

First: know what part of your website you plan to use as the social media hub. If you have a blog, use this—obviously because a blog is a kind of social media. Social media is defined as a web-based technology that facilitates an active dialogue. And with some of its built-in features (such as the comments section), this is already possible. By integrating networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you can increase the social media scope of your website.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Then, you should  define your focus and de-clutter your website. Consider this: what do you expect from your website as a social media hub? What are your goals here, and how do you plan to measure your success? Using social media usually means two things: a company (or, in this case, the website) is strengthening its brand and is trying to strengthen relationship with its audience. But what are your goals? And how do you plan to measure it?

For instance, if you want to use social media to increase your website views, you can use widgets, plugins, and apps to track the performance of back-links of shares. This is a case to case basis that you need to straighten out.

By making your social media usage uncluttered, you will able to focus on what works. The main mistake of many webmasters is using every social network out there. But look at the pages of Yahoo! , for instance: it is integrated only to the major social networking sites. Basically, what you need to do is prioritize.

After this, you have to strengthen your core—which means you need three things: good content, good content, and good content. A social media hub is nothing without it. Even though you have all the tools to facilitate conversation, it is useless if there is nothing to talk about.

Therefore, make sure you have good content and that you constantly update your blog or site to promote continuous communication. The audience is fickle; once you stop, they’ll stop visiting your site as well.

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