Use jQuery Content Sliders to Enhance Your Website’s Homepage

Images and animations are the best options to add life to a website. Nowadays, fancy layouts and splashy images have become the hot trends in web designs. With the help of jQuery, web designers can now create stunning effects, easily and concisely.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a new kind of JavaScript that makes it a lot easier for web designers to control HTML events, animation and other web page interactions. Examples of jQuery usage include photo slideshows, photo galleries, tabbed content, accordion effects, roll-over effects and animations, interactive maps, charts, music and video players, and a lot more. With the help of various jQuery plugins, a web designer’s task can be minimized by simply tweaking or customizing plugins rather than creating his own concept of web designing.

Benefits of Using jQuery Content Sliders

Style- With the right use of effects, using jQuery to your website’s homepage can make your site look more professional. It also allows developers to incorporate animated and other interactive elements to encourage user interaction with the web pages.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Speed- The traditional method of waiting until a page is ready to run a script is to use window.onload. The problem with this, however, is that your browser will wait until the page loads. Now, imagine having tons of video or flash files linked to your website’s homepage. This can significantly cause a delay in loading your page. On the flip side, with jQuery’s (document).ready() utility function, it only waits until the DOM is loaded. This means that your homepage and other web pages will become much more responsive. Remember, not all internet users are enticed with Flash websites due to their slow connection. With jQuery, keeping your visitors wait until the page is fully loaded is a thing next to impossible.

Functionality- You will find tons of jQuery plugins available for download from the official jQuery website. In addition, there are also many other web sources offering jQuery plugins for free. These plugins can enhance the functionality of your site, including animation, styling and content display.

With the growing popularity of jQuery these days, the volume of plugins and quality of tutorials are significantly increasingly on the online world. If you find them too complex but want to enhance your website’s homepage appearance, speed and functionality, contact Ignition Media and let the team handle the complexities for you. Make your website unique by hiring a web designer to work on your web design!