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Responsive Layout Vs Adaptive Layout

There is a lot of confusion about responsive layout and adaptive layout and their meaning. People tend to confuse responsive layout and adaptive layout with responsive design and adaptive design. These are completely different from the former two. Understanding the difference between both would definitely help you create a better website design. Adaptive Layout And What It Means Adaptive layout is very different from adaptive design. Adaptive design in essence is just another term used for Progressive enhancement. Adaptive layout […]

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The Lowdown on Website Templates

These website templates are exactly what the term suggests: templates for a basic website design that can be slightly altered. If you are familiar with WordPress, you’d know that there are several templates available powered by their CMS—and using them is quite easy, thanks to their very user-friendly management system.

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Old School Fashion: Bringing the Tradition of Print Design Online

There’s a growing stress on typography and the magazine layout these days as more and more web designers turn to old school strategies for inspiration. It’s a good thing they are, too. The fusion of print and online publishing practices is an interesting one.

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The Magazine Layout: Print Trends Online

The distinction between print and online layout standards is blurring. People are seeing more and more conventional print layouts used in websites as well. Why is that? Some people think it’s because old habits die hard. Readers are so attuned to seeing these standard layout designs on magazines that they think it would be chic to apply them on websites as well.

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