Old School Fashion: Bringing the Tradition of Print Design Online

There’s a growing stress on typography and the magazine layout these days as more and more web designers turn to old school strategies for inspiration. It’s a good thing they are, too. The fusion of print and online publishing practices is an interesting one.

The Magazine Layout

In keeping with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) culture, the magazine layout is fast becoming one of the favorite layout choices for text-heavy websites. Why? It’s the only format that can actually contain so many links and still look pleasant. At the front page of the website, you’re likely to see a big, magazine-type heading, and below it, a directory, looking much like a magazine’s table of contents.

Instead of magazine pages, though, you’re given hyperlinks. These links are broken by “preview” images which give you a sneak peek at what you’ll find “inside the pages” of the magazine. The end product is charming because it’s retro and sophisticated all at once. The best part is that most blogs have this template. This means that even newbies in web design can make use of the template and just jazz up the boxes once they get a hang of the c-based codes.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Typography and billboard pages

Billboard pages are also called “single page” designs. In a nutshell, they contain very minimal text (most of the time, just the slogan or catch phrase) and a box containing all the vital information you’ll need to know about the service or product that’s being offered. Somewhere in the page, you’re most likely to find a single link (or at most, three) leading to the catalog of products or the portfolio of the artist or company providing a specific service.

Either way, this trendy layout design is reminiscent of magazine centerfolds for ads. They can also look like the printed billboards you’ll see from highways. It’s a “modern” approach to web design which is actually quite retro in its own right.

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