Logo Love: Effective Branding for your Website

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar shop or a purely online business, the logo is always an important element in your website design. The logo practically sets the direction of your website’s color scheme and style. More importantly, it shapes the identity of your product’s or service’s brand. This is why it’s vital for you to consider all of the things that make logos effective branding tools.


While some spoof logos imitate popular logos for fun, more serious small business websites would do well with distinctive logos that set them apart from their competitors. These logos should be striking enough for consumers to remember them even after only seeing them once or twice. By striking, we mean something more than just bold colors and designs. They should make an impact because they’re simple but timeless and distinct from the competitors’ logos.


Creating an attractive logo just isn’t enough. For a logo to do its job at branding a product or a service, it should contain symbols and maybe even words to indicate what it represents. For example, a computer shop could use a monitor as its logo, but monitors might look too much like TV sets.

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A mouse would do better as the central symbol of the logo. Of course, the logo design should be distinct. While the mouse should still me recognizable in the design, the company’s name should be incorporated in the graphics as well. The fusion of the two elements should also be subtle.


Since the logo isn’t just going to be used on the website, it should be something which can be applied in print as well. Consider how the logo would look on your business card and on your product’s packaging. Plan ahead and imagine how it would look imposed on souvenir items once your business expands. Logos get recognized when they’re used repeatedly, and unless they can be applied in different mediums, they’re not the best examples of effective logos.

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