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Best frameworks for PHP website development

2015 is here! So much has changed as far as PHP is concerned for the past 365 days, and the PHP structure scene is now even more populated than any time in the past. Like many other website designer, I have a clear idea of what makes up that great PHP framework for website development. At the end of the day, let’s post this question – do you even know which framework actually ends up being incorporated into the subsequent […]

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Will PHP programming soon be a thing of the past?

PHP programming language is based on the server side. Let’s try to depict the sentence. The PHP language runs on the server-side. This implies that its execution of its scripts is basically performed on the server where the site is the site in question is hosted. HTML embedded implies that you can utilise PHP statements (reading a bit of PHP code) from within the HTML code itself. Then the PHP files are sent back to the browser as plain HTML. […]

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XAMPP: A Popular PHP Development Environment

Ignition Media specialises in delivering custom website development for all our clients and for such, we only rely on the latest technology for all areas of our work. When it comes to choosing the PHP development environment, we choose XAMPP. Currently, this is one of the most powerful open-source cross-platform web server solution stack package. It consists of MySQL database, Apache HTTP Server, and interpreters for PHP written scripts and Perl programming languages. Being lightweight and extremely simple, it makes […]

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