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Web development simplified with new language

Websites are made up of various elements; HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and database queries, among several other functionalities. For everything except the simple websites, staying informed as far as these distinctive elements play, interact with one another, and convey data to and fro can truly be a daunting task. MIT have just announced a new programming language called Ur/Web which has a greater significance to potentially streamline website development. In this article, we look at this new language so you […]

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Password Encryption: Does the Programming Language Matter?

Password Encryption: Does the Programming Language Matter? Just as there is no one best programming language to use for all websites, there’s also no programming language that’s considered “best” for password encryptions. This basically means that any programming language will do as long as the developer you’ve hired is confident about it. In other words, the security of your website is dependent more on the skill of the developer than the credibility of the language s/he is using to build […]

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Exploring the Open Source: Pros and Cons of Free Programming Languages

Web developers are usually torn between using open source programming languages and commercially-available ones. Programming enthusiasts go for open source languages like PHP and MySQL because they’re more budget-friendly. Also, for these programmers, developing the open source language is part of the fun.

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Working with CSS: Why it’s an Essential Programming Tool

There was once a time when website developers depended solely on tables and cells. This was back when html was still new, and websites were very simple. No one really thought about what would happen if the websites needed to be redesigned. Eventually, though, the cells and tables created problems with the html codes of websites.

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How to Choose the Right Programming Language for your Website

On top of that, new programming languages are developed every year. It would be very regressive for web developers to stick to an obsolete programming language.

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