Affordable Web Design on the Gold Coast

If you are thinking about taking your business online, the first thing you need to do is to have a website. Generally, when someone is in need of a product or service they intuitively look online to find a Gold Coast provider. Based on research, the sudden increase of handheld internet-ready gadgets has also boosted the number of online searches for businesses. So, if you’re not online, you’re less likely to increase sales or expand your business.

At Ignition Media, we understand that not all business owners have huge budget when they’re trying to set up a website. Small businesses usually struggle at first before they actually make a profit so they are typically looking for an affordable company that can offer web design on the Gold Coast without sacrificing the quality and overall look of the website.

If you’re in need of affordable web design on the Gold Coast, consider us as your first and only option. As a leading Gold Coast web design and SEO company, we specialise in creating search engine-friendly websites that are affordable even for small business owners.

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What sets Ignition Media apart from the rest?

We aim to please!

For the past 15 years, I have successfully developed and designed hundreds of professional and search engine-friendly websites not just for clients on the Gold Coast but also for national and international corporations. Establishing Ignition Media in 2005, I’ve spent years being committed to delivering nothing but the best services and this has helped us be known as one of the most trusted companies offering web design on the Gold Coast.

During the development stage, we make sure to involve the clients by getting their output and by deeply understanding their vision. We then use our experience and expertise taking your concept and turning it into successful web design that will help your Gold Coast business grow. We pride ourselves for being passionate in capturing exactly what the client wants to give them 100% satisfaction.

Throughout the whole project, I am personally your dedicated website designer and will work with you from the development stage up to the finishing touches, presenting each milestone for your approval. My hands-on approach allows me to give each client assurance that we are on the right track every step of the way and empowers me to deliver the finished product on time while ensuring that your specifications and satisfaction are met throughout the process.

Ignition Media is a full service Web Design and Web Development company

Taking your business online means more than just getting your own website. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As more and more business owners realise the importance of having a website, the competition grows and the task of getting people to your website gets tougher and tougher. This is something that we fully understand at Ignition Media. Not all business owners have the skills, time or knowledge to understand and implement online marketing and because of this, I’ve carefully constructed a list of services to help in all areas on online marketing.

Aside from offering some of the best web design on the Gold Coast, other services that we offer include:

Ecommerce solutions

Most of our clients that are in need of web design on the Gold Coast are typically online stores. We create websites for them that they can use to showcase their products and process orders and payments online. For these clients, we offer our e-Commerce solutions which is a category/subcategory driven system that allows clients to add, edit, or delete categories and products without paying each time they have to do so. Our solutions don’t come with restrictions so you can add or delete as many products or categories as you want and it includes the installation and integration of WordPress.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks have become that best places to advertise your business because they attract billions of regular traffic every month. However, advertising your business here reguires more than just creating your Facebook page or posting promos on Twitter. Here at Ignition Media, we have developed our very own social media marketing strategies that are proven to work. These can help you reach out to more clients while at the same time, building your brand.

Logo Design

If you’re taking your business online, having a logo is non-negotiable as this is the first step to building your brand. A logo can be the single most important element that can set your business apart from the rest. We provide professional logo design service that meets your design brief. We take the time to discuss your idea, your goals, and your mission before we start the whole process. Our talented logo designers have great reputation in creating a business identity that leaves a lasting impression on clients.

Mobile Website

In this age when more people are conducting local search using their mobile phones, making your website mobile-friendly is definitely a must. This means designing your website in such a way that it will appear on even the smallest screens without affecting its loading time, text size, and that it remains user-friendly. This is another service that I specialise in at Ignition Media.  I’ll design your website to be more responsive so you can get more exposure.

Search engine optimisation

SEO is a process of making your website search engine-friendly. You would want your website to appear on search page results when the name of your products or industry are typed on Google. We make this possible for you. We do directory submissions, copywriting, blogging, and we offer SEO packages that fit your needs and your requirements.

For Web Design on the Gold Coast, call Ignition Media

If you’re in need of great web design on the Gold Coast, make sure to choose Ignition Media as your website development partner. Although we also provide services to Australia wide, we are more passionate in helping small businesses on the Gold Coast. We understand that your success is our success too. To get a free quote, please contact me, you’ll even get my ebook for free which will surely help you on your way! Alternatively, you can also call and speak to me on 07 5568 7515. I’d love to hear from you.