Why a WordPress Website is your Best Option

You’ve got several choices when looking for the right content management system (CMS) to create your online presence. If you’re looking for something that is easier to manage and will allow you to update your web content or add pictures wherever you are in the world, your best option is to create a WordPress Website.

WordPress; a free and open source CMS based on MySQL and PHP, is now being used by 60% of all CMS driven websites. It also powers 18.9% of the top million websites as of August 2013. Released on 2003, it has been downloaded nearly 10 million times from users coming from different parts of the globe.

Why is WordPress so popular?

It’s easy to use

WordPress was particularly designed to be one of the most user-friendly web development software. When compared to Joomla and Drupal, WordPress admin interface is very intuitive and is way less cluttered. Because of this, WordPress is very user-friendly even to non-developers. If you don’t have any problem following directions and if you have used Microsoft Office before, you can easily create a WordPress website in no time.

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It’s super cost-effective

As mentioned above, WordPress is open source software. This means that you can download and create a WordPress website without shelling out a cent – its 100% free! Upgrades are done on a regular basis and are also free.

It offers hundreds of beautiful templates

The most time-consuming part of web development is coding and designing the templates. However, if you decide to create a WordPress website, you’ll be able to access great collection of both free and premium templates that are ready to use. Just choose one, plug it in, and you can start writing your content. Yes, it’s that easy. You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge on programming language and you don’t have to know how to code to have a great looking website up and running in no time at all!

However, if you want a custom template with a ton of customised features, you can contact a web design company such as Ignition Media to create a custom template especially for you – there are no limitations, the sky’s the limit when it comes to a WordPress website. View our Website Design page for information on custom designs and templates.

All-round, it’s a great content management system

WordPress is a great blogging platform which gives you an easier way to update your website without knowing HTML. This is definitely one of the features that most people love. If you don’t like the idea of learning how to use complex HTML editors and if you don’t want to pay a webmaster each time you need to update your content, you can easily update your WordPress Website’s content by adding new pages or editing existing one the same you’ll use a simple text editor. For information on WordPress websites, please visit our CMS website page.

It’s SEO-Friendly

One of the reasons why most people prefer WordPress websites is because this platform provides good search engine optimisation right out of the box. This means that your website is pre-designed to give it the best chances of ranking higher on search page results. Because WordPress is a great content management system, it makes the process of adding new content easier for website owners. As you know, search engines like Google simply love fresh content and those blogs that are regularly updated. Aside from this, this platform allows you to easily come up with track-backs, inbound links, ping your content, submit comments, etc.  If you’re after SEO on your website, Ignition media offer a range of SEO services and packages to meet all budgets. View our Search Engine Optimisation page for full details.

Supports Multi-user and multi-blogging

Before WordPress 3.0, there was no multi-blogging option although users were allowed to have one blog per installation. This can be quite problematic for those people who maintain several blogs on the same platform. Today, WordPress Multi-User feature allows you to create multiple blogs to exist within one installation empowering you to manage them using a single dashboard.

Offers thousands of Free Plugins

WordPress currently have 26,000 different plugins that allows both developers and users to extend the platform’s abilities beyond the core installation. Whether you like your header to change colour every few seconds or if you want to promote your new content on various social media networks, you can easily find plugins that you can use. View all the available plugins at https://wordpress.org/plugins/.

Great Media Support

WordPress is very handy not just when it comes to updating content but also in providing support when adding media files. Using this platform, you can easily add flash codes, slideshows, images, and you can embed audio and videos which make your website more interesting and more visually appealing. In addition, it lets you insert Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Docs, etc.

A CMS gives you 100% access to your website and you are free to update your content anywhere you are in the world. If you need a custom WordPress website created for your business by the professionals, pick up the phone and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. Ignition Media has created dozens of WordPress websites and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call 07 5568 7515 and speak with me, Nicole Brooke today.

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