A Good Web Development Team is Worth its Weight in Gold

Having a website that works is definitely one way to stay competitive regardless of the business you may have. The quality of your services or products is irrelevant if your website doesn’t work for you or worse yet, you don’t even have a website. If there is no way for potential clients to find you online, then there’s no way for you to get their business.

Gone are the days when you could rely on magazines or yellow pages ads to promote a service or product. Now, everyone simply does a Google search on their iPhone or iPad to locate a service or get the latest products, at least that’s what I do! If your website doesn’t bring you traffic, or you don’t yet have a website, you’re likely to lose potential customers  to your competitors. This is something you surely don’t want to happen, but yet the resolution is simple; get a good web development team to build you a website now!

Getting a website developed

While it is true that there are cheaper ways to get your website like hiring new freelancer online or using free CMS platforms, going with either of these options will probably result in a less than professional looking website and a massive headache. When you’re doing business online, it’s extremely important that you come across processional and instill trust upon your customer.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Your website is the first thing that your potential clients will see – it’s the first thing that they will incorporate to your brand or business. Unless it looks professional, trustworthy, and is well designed, there is no way to win their business. For this reason, it is important that you hire a good web development team that can give you not just a responsive, search engine-friendly website but also something that will effectively communicate your vision and will help you build or strengthen your brand.

Ignition Media is your best web development company

As the owner of Ignition Media, I have years of solid experience and expertise in the world of web design and development. Through the years I’ve developed and designed hundreds of websites not just for Australian-based clients but also for businesses throughout the world. Because of this, I’m confident that I know exactly what works and what doesn’t in the online world. Our web development team is very professional, extremely creative, and passionate about the quality of work they produce. For this reason, we always come up with the great website that both clients and online users love.

Why choose Ignition Media?

Years of experience

When choosing a web development team, the first thing that you need to check out is their experience. Have they’ve done something before that proves that they have what it takes to do the job to your satisfaction? Here at Ignition Media, we have all the tools, techniques, and even tricks needed to create an exceptional website. Our team has in-depth knowledge on the entire alphabet of protocols, coding utilities, and web mark-up languages, which include PHP, CSS, XML, and HTML. To see samples of our previous work, please check out our portfolio.

Great Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how great a web development team is when it comes to creating great website, if they don’t offer great customer service, the entire process of getting a website created can be a nightmare. This is one of the things that set us apart from the rest. Throughout the entire process, from conceptualisation to testing, our web development team will be available for your questions and suggestions. I personal project mange every job and take your feedback and suggestions seriously, heck I even give out my mobile number so I’m always accessible and there is no annoying “support ticket” system! If you have a problem, give me a call and I will personally look into it right away. Making our customers happy is our number one priority.

Custom Solution

There are web developers who work by simply slapping pictures and copying layouts from other existing websites. Then, there are those who take the time to understand your business, conceptualise the best images and graphics that will effectively help you get your message across, and deliver not just professional but 100% original web graphics as well. If you prefer to work with the latter, then all you need to do pick up the phone and call me direct on 07 5568 7515.

Affordable Websites

Price is definitely one of the deciding factors when hiring a web development team. If you think that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a professional website, you better think again. Here at Ignition Media, we provide very affordable web development and web design services. Although we service big companies from across the globe, our passion is to really to help small businesses particularly in Australia. It is for this reason why we specifically make our prices highly competitive.

Full Service

If you have no idea how a website works or what Internet marketing is, you’ll want to hire a web design company that offers a full service. This is more convenient when compared to hiring individual professional for each separate task. Here, we provide everything you’re going to need to excel online. Aside from web development and design services, we also offer e-commerce solutions, mobile website, website promotion, social media marketing, email marketing, and logo design. So, if you’ve got so much on your plate but want to focus on growing your business, you can let us take all these tasks for you.

In-house web development team

There are two types of web development companies; those that have in-house web development team and those who are outsourcing the tasks to others. Typically, those companies that have in-house web developers are easier to deal with as they are more likely to be more responsible and accountable. This is why when you partner with Ignition Media, you’re dealing direct with the designer so there is no miss-communication on your concept. No Chinese Whispers, just old fashion service for direct access in instant results.

Call Ignition Media now for professional website

If you’re looking for a website that you can instantly access and frequently update without the need to call your developer every now and then, I am happy to tell you that we use WordPress as the CMS when developing website. This means that you can log in to your website from any part of the world and update your content whenever you like it. For questions or for obligation-free quotes, please contact me via the online form. Also, make sure to follow Ignition Media on Facebook for regular updates and promos.