Best Button Designs to Get People to Click Through

Designing a god button is an art in itself. Beautiful buttons may seem to be simple but they can be quite difficult to create. Given below are some of the factors involved in creating the best possible button designs:

Use Bright And Bold Colours for Your Buttons

It has always been noticed that bright and bold buttons always get the most clicks since this attracts the attention of more people. However, you should also try to keep it tasteful so it doesn’t come across as harsh.

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Selecting the Right Size for the Buttons

Another technique is to use large sized buttons since they attract more attention. Increase the size of the buttons to get them noticed. Keep the design tasteful so it doesn’t look awkward on your website. The button will definitely get more clicks.

Ensure that the Buttons Fit in with the Theme of Your Website

Although contrast is great, it is also important to ensure that the buttons integrate well with your website theme and design. For example, if your website has a nature theme, using an industrial style button would definitely look out of place. Use common motifs, moods and themes for your website as well as your buttons.

Use Contrast to Your Advantage

The best buttons often make great use of contrast to get more clicks. For example, a bold, solid or black coloured button will always look great on a white, plain background colour. Contrast can be very powerful and will definitely get your buttons easily noticed.

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