What is AngularJS and How Can It Help My Website?

AngularJS is a powerful, new client-side technology which allows you to accomplish powerful things and extend JavaScript, CSS and HTML while making the best of their deficiencies.

The Data Binding Feature in AngularJS

Your model will be the single truth source in your application. One of the most helpful and coolest features in AngularJS is data binding. This feature can save you from the difficult task of writing a large amount of boilerplate code. Typically, a web app would contain 80% of the code base which would be dedicated to DOM listening, manipulating and traversing. With data binding you can make it disappear and just focus on the app.

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The MVC Feature in AngularJS

AngularJS also incorporates many of the basic principles of the MVC original design pattern to build web apps on the client size. The MVC pattern can mean different things for different people but AngularJS does not really implement it in the traditional way.

The Dependency Injection Feature

It also has a dependency injection system built-in, making it easier to test, understand and develop the application. This feature allows you to get dependencies instead of having to look for them.

Directives in AngularJS

One of the best features in AngularJS is the directive. With this feature you can make your browser perform new tricks. However, this feature also proves to be quite challenging for users. You can use directives for creating customized HTML tags which can serve as custom, new widgets.

AngularJS definitely has a huge range of helpful and clever features. Contact Ignition Media today if you want a custom website built with the latest technology.