Foundation: The Most Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework in the World

Foundation is considered to be the most responsive and advance front-end framework today in the world. It allows you to quickly build apps, sites and prototype that work with any type of device. It also includes a huge range of best practices, elements and layout constructs.

Built on Sass And Complete with Features

Foundation is built on Sass which is a very advanced CSS preprocessor, allowing you to develop Foundation quickly and build websites with it. You can use the CSS or Sass version. It also includes various new options, form styles, navigation types, button elements and streamlining, making it the quickest way to responsively prototype and then take it to production.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

The Most Advanced Framework Anywhere

Framework allows you to take advantage of the new, impressive web technology for building better and faster. It includes a Grid with which you can lay pages out logically and quickly with a nestable, flexible system. The Grid size can be whatever you need and can be easily adapted to screens of any size, from TVs to phones.

Rapid Prototyping and Multi-device Mobility

Foundation includes a huge range of elements and styles with which you can quickly create clickable prototypes which can then be styled and adapted to create the final, polished code. It includes tabs, buttons and forms. You don’t require two different websites with Grid since it allows you to create a great user experience with any type of device while maintaining the same markup.

Building a website is no easy task but foundation makes it easy. Contact Ignition Media today to create websites, apps and prototypes using Foundation to your advantage. Our mobile websites will definitely deliver better user experience and therefore better customer loyalty, more leads, sales and profitability.