Best Website Analytics Tool

The best and the most effective way to make your site better is by first understanding and analyzing what are its current challenges. Website analytic tools can help you do that. Given below are some of the best website analytic tools that we recommend using:

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you will be able to track the geographic location of your visitors, the links they click on and much more. It will provide you detailed statistics that will help you understand the navigation habits of your visitors. This single tool proves to be sufficient for most types of websites.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?


ClickTale shows videos of the screens of your visitors. When used with Google Analytics, it is the perfect solution. It can even measure mouse movements and keystrokes and offers in-page analytics for websites.


Inspectlet is an analytical tool that records videos to show you how your visitors use your website. It will allow you to see every keypress, click, scroll and mouse movement so you can understand how they use your website and what they are looking for.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg provides you heatmaps that are easy to understand so you can see just where your visitors clicked, which parts on your pages they click and clicks that were not even on a link. Install this tool on the most important website pages or on pages that might have any usability issues.


KISSmetrics will help you understand usage patterns, effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, customer segmenting, how people interact with your website and much more so you can understand your customers as well as the effectiveness of your website.

If you want a complete, unbiased review of your website performance, Ignition Media can definitely provide you all the statistics you need with our incredible use of analytical tools.