How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram continues to be a highly popular community for sharing photos and a powerful social network. Brands and marketers wondering how to get more Instagram followers can follow the few simple tips provided below:

Use Your Existing Audiences to Your Advantage

A great way to jumpstart your Instagram journey is by announcing your presence on your current channels on signage, Twitter, Facebook, your website, newsletters and email lists.

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Come Up with an Effective Content Plan

It is a good idea to have a content plan to keep everything consistent. It is recommended that you shouldn’t post more than 3 to 4 photographs a day. You should also not post all of them together. Space them at even time intervals throughout the day.

Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

The best way to get more followers on Instagrams is by engaging with your target audience by using Hashtags that are related and relevant to your customers and your brand. Strike a balance between interacting with the audience and producing content to grow organically.

Run an Interesting and Rewarding Contest

A contest will definitely engage the attention of your target customers. Try to find a hashtag that hasn’t been used yet and test it first. Offer your contestants a reward that would be worth their time and their efforts. Think about how you plan to contact the contest winners.

Partner with Influential People and Brands

The best way to get more followers is by increasing your visibility and an effective way to do that is by joining hands with influential people and brands for hosting an event, endorsing your products etc. Join hands with a well-known blogger, work with a popular Instagram user to contribute to your account.

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