Need a Web Design in Sydney?

If you’re building a website to promote your business, create awareness about your cause, sell products, or advertise services, then the task of looking for web design in Sydney should not be taken lightly. You need to be very careful when choosing a web designer, not only to ensure that you’ll get great value for your money but also to ensure that you’re going to have a great customer experience.

With hundreds of companies offering web design in Sydney, how do you decide which is best? Below are a few things you should seriously consider:

Experience is everything

If you’re looking for a high-quality web design in Sydney, you have to hire designers who have proven expertise and experience in this field. You’ll want to work with people with years of experience and an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge designs. This gives you an assurance that they have what it takes to offer you precisely what you’re looking for.

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Ask to see their portfolio

Before asking for quotes, ask to see your potential web designer’s portfolio. It’s important to see websites live so you know what level of quality to expect from the finished product. You also want to ensure they show diversity and range; no point in choosing a designer whose web design works all look the same; you might as well buy a template if that is the case. Also, consider how their website looks. Experts will tell you that designers put their best effort into their own site. If you’re not impressed with it, it is more likely that you won’t be blown away with what they can offer you.


Of course, you want to hire a competent web designer who has the needed skills, which include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Depending on your requirements, you may also need a designer who is able to work with sub-contract for other related services, which include PHP, Ajax, Flash, SEO, graphics and content marketing.


Although this shouldn’t be the sole determining factor when hiring a Sydney web designer, this is obviously something that you need to enquire about unless, of course, price is not an issue. Make it a habit to ask for a quote containing detailed information on what is included in the package. Then, shop and compare. You don’t need to spend additional hundreds or thousands of dollars if you can get the same quality design from another designer.

Contact the designer

It is important to hire a web designer who a) has their own website and b) advertises their contact information (phone, email, and physical address) to ensure that you’re not dealing with scammers. Take the time to ask questions and get your needed answers before signing a contract. The way the designer accommodates your questions, and your requests will give you an idea of what kind of experience you’re going to expect from him or her.

Also, ensure that you’re chosen web designer offers great communication and customer service. It doesn’t matter if they are the best in the industry; if they don’t have a strong track of record of communicating effectively with their customers, you’re headed for trouble. Nothing is worse than waiting for a response for days after you’ve made your deposit.

If you require professional web design in Sydney, pick up the phone and call me – you’ve already made it this far! With 15 years of skill and expertise, I guarantee great customer service and customer satisfaction as well!

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