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Gone are the days when websites were really built from scratch—that is, when we had to create tables and holders for images, etc. This was very tedious and meant updates or changes to a site were time consuming and painful. Today, it’s as simple as CSS.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, works like a template for the website. CSS has its own set of codes that set the fonts, placement of content, and grid size, to name a few. When a web designer or developer such as myself needs to update a site, in many cases, I only have to tweak the CSS file to make the change without the need to edit or even touch the website itself (unless the client wants an overhaul).

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Designing and optimising CSS has been made even easier and more efficient with a framework. Just as websites run in a programming language, the framework dictates how CSS appears and operates. It is its foundation, so to speak.

Although there are a number of front-end frameworks, two of the most popular are Bootstrap and Foundation. Both of these are referred to as “responsive HTML framework.”

But I hear you say “What do you mean by ‘responsive’?”

We are going to dedicate an entire article about responsive web design soon, but just to give you an idea; it’s an approach or a technique of designing websites that they fit into the size of screens. As you’ll have noticed, there are now many different screen sizes. Mobile phones, for example, may be around 4 inches. Tablets, meanwhile, can be between 7 and 10 inches. Desktop monitors are still in demand, and they have bigger screens, measuring as much as 21 inches or even more!

By designing our client’s websites to be responsive, they automatically adjust themselves to the size of the screen they’re being viewed at without creating multiple different-sized websites.

Responsive web design is actually taking the web by storm, rapidly becoming the most popular HTML framework available on the market today. In keeping up with all design trends—and in addition to creating Foundation themes—Ignition Media has jumped on the bandwagon and now also offer custom bootstrap themes for WordPress websites.

So I guess you’re wondering the benefit offered by Bootstrap themes?

We find Bootstrap themes beneficial for you and for us for the following reasons:

  1. It is compatible with different browsers and screens. One of the strongest advantages of Boostrap is it can work across multiple devices and browsers. There’s no need to create redirections just to satisfy different browser and device requirements.
  2. It’s really responsive. Both are responsive, but Bootstrap’s grid system may be considered as more fluid. All websites operate in columns, although you can’t detect it when looking at the screen. Bootstrap works using break points, which then determine whether blocks have to be stacked horizontally or vertically. Moreover, Bootstrap themes offer an extra-large pre-made grid, which is missing in Foundation.
  3. Bootstrap has both Sass and Less as pre-processors. Sass and Less are two of the well-known pre-processors for the CSS framework. They share many similarities such as in mix-ins, nested rules, and scope. But they differ, for one, in the manner in which they are being processed. Less runs using Javascript, which is another popular framework. Sass, on the other hand, runs on Ruby. Not all developers want to work with Javascript and vice versa. Bootstrap themes therefore give users, especially designers, the flexibility by offering both.
  4. Bootstrap is open source. There are certainly disadvantages and risks that come with open-source software or frameworks such as Bootstrap, but usually the pros outweigh the cons. These include support. Bootstrap is under GitHub, one of the biggest open-source projects with more than 500 active contributors. You can therefore expect the framework to be constantly updated and fixed for bugs and other issues.
  5. It is easy to customise and work with. It has an extensive suite of UI utilities and a host of libraries with pre-made codes. You simply need to choose which ones you like to include in your website and you’re almost done. In fact, it’s as easy as ticking boxes of the elements you need. This is incredibly helpful if you wish to maintain the website yourself. It complements your knowledge and skill in CSS, even if it’s just basic.


Bootstrap themes, just like Foundation themes, are well-known for their mobile-first approach. This means that the CSS is primarily designed for precise rendition of websites in mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops. Bootstrap themes are all about flexibility and customisation, something you definitely aspire for your website. After all, you want yours to be totally different. Moreover, because of its simplicity and ease of use, we can get the job done quickly without compromising quality. Best of all, you can make the most out of mobile technologies by making your website more accessible and user friendly. Please visit our website to see custom bootstrap themes from Ignition Media.

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