How to choose a Brisbane Web Design Company

So, you are desperately in need of the best Brisbane web design company but just not sure exactly what to look for or ask to ensure that you are making well-informed decision? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of people every single day are in need of a compelling web design either for their new website or for existing one. When you try to search for companies online, Google will come back with thousands of companies that seem to all offer the same services and offer WebDesignOttawa website among the most popular search results. This definitely makes the process of picking the best one a daunting task.

In this article, I wish to help you make well-informed choices. You see, it takes more than just a glowing ad on Google to make the decision to hire a Brisbane web design company. Remember, you are not just hiring people to complete a simple project, in a way; you’re actually putting your business in their hands. If they’re not an effective or skilled web designer, you will run the risk of failing in strengthening your brand, in attracting more clients, and in improving your conversion rate.

So, what exactly do you need to look for when you’re in need of the best Brisbane web design company?

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Impressive search engine rankings

Typically, people don’t consider the company’s search engine ranking as a factor when hiring a Brisbane web design company. But truth be told, this is as important as their portfolio and track record. In the world of Internet Marketing, the search engine ranking can be very telling. It doesn’t really matter how attractive your web design is, if your website is practically invincible to search engines, you will fail online. It’s that simple. So, if the website of the company that you wish to hire appears on the top 10 search page results, you have an assurance that they do understand SEO or search engine optimisation. This gives you a guarantee that your website will be designed in such a way that it will have the best chances of getting attractive rankings.

Here at Ignition Media, we do not just guarantee attractive and responsive web design, we also keep SEO in mind when developing websites. We are a Brisbane web design company that understands clients main goal is to reach out to as many people as possible. This can only happen if you’re site is made in such a way that it is search engine friendly.

Stunning samples of previous work

Simply don’t take a company’s word when they say they have what it takes to deliver attractive web design –ask for proof! Before you do business with any Brisbane web design company, ask for the list of their clients and ask for their online portfolio. Through this, you can gauge their level of expertise, their creativity, and their effectiveness in this field.

Ignition Media has created numerous websites over the last 9 years and our portfolio shows why we are the leading web design company servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Aside from being creative and for having the ability to effectively and efficiently put client’s ideas into designs, what sets us apart is our commitment to giving 100% satisfaction. The project isn’t finish until you say so. This means that we offer to make revisions throughout the project to really capture your vision and to effectively send your message across to your target audience.


The company must be legitimate

Stories of people getting ripped-off online are not unusual. Every now and then, we hear potential clients tell us that they’ve paid another Brisbane web design company for a website only to find out that they were dealing with frauds. Unlike in the offline world, it is easier to offer services and not deliver online. So, it is a must to ensure that the company you’re dealing are not fraudulent and will deliver exactly what was promised. One way to do that is to know the location of their office and their contact information. Call them or better yet, pay them a visit to know that they really do exist.

Ignition Media is located in Miami, on the Gold Coast.  You can contact myself, Nicole Brooke, the director of the company anytime in business hours on 07 5568 7515.

Customer Service

The way a certain company treats both their clients and potential customers give you a clear idea on how they run their business and develop their products. So, if you have a list of potential providers call them one by one and find a company that will take your call and takes the time to answer all your inquiries. Also, take note of how fast they get back to you in case you request for quotes.

Here at Ignition Media, we put customer service on top of our priority list. When you call, you can be assured that I will personally answer your call right away. If you call outside office hours, we will call you back as soon as possible. Call us now and see why more clients prefer to work with us.

Skills and Qualifications

Of course, the most important thing to check when looking for a Brisbane web design company is the skills and qualifications. Do they have what it takes to convert your ideas into attractive design? Do they have in-depth knowledge on all programming languages and internet protocols? Do they have access to all the needed tools?

As the lead designer at Ignition Media, I have been developing and designing websites for many years. Over the years as the technology to create websites advance, I ensure we’re all updated with each change so we continue to move with the times and make state-of-the-art responsive websites. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Ignition Media isn’t just a leading Brisbane web design company, we also offer add-on services that are crucial for you to succeed online including search engine optimisation, social media marketing, etc. Call us up and let us tell you how we can help you Brisbane company grow. Email me at [email protected] and make sure to like our page on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

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