Mobile Websites

The use of mobile sites is rapidly increasing each month. And this is because more and more handheld devices find their way to the market. Based on the study conducted by the 5th Score Local Search Usage that was released in early 2012, 61% of people who have smartphones conduct all their local searches online.

Another independent survey conducted by Google in late 2012, revealed that 67% of the 1,0880 smartphone users surveyed said that they are likely to purchase a service or a product from a business that has mobile-friendly website. Meanwhile, 61% said that they’d leave a site if it is not optimised for mobile. With these figures, you must get the picture that not joining the bandwagon is like a business suicide.

Making your website mobile-friendly: Things to Remember

While some businesses opt to create full-featured native applications, there are now available technological advancements that you can use to make the whole process of making your website mobile-friendly a lot easier. It’s called responsive website design. A responsive website allows your site to scale down on a mobile phone only displaying the most important information. While there is a long list of different features that customers would like to have access to, the most important are clarity, speed, and access to contact information. Customers won’t wait more than a couple of seconds for your website to appear on their small screen. Once there, they want to see clear, readable text and large buttons. They’ll also demand to get access to contact information within a few taps.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Hire Ignition Media for your Mobile Website Needs

When making your website mobile-friendly, keep in mind that shrinking the text to fit small screens wouldn’t do the trick. If you don’t have the technical knowledge on how you can make this happen, contact Ignition Media as we design and develop responsive mobile websites the professional way. We will design your website in such a way that it can automatically detect if it is being viewed on a mobile device. In which case, the mobile version will be automatically displayed.

We make this happen by developing one version of your website using two separate style sheets that will be used for regular website and for mobile devices. We also offer you an option to have separate website for mobile devices which is a great alternative if you’re thinking about having a slimmed version of your site. As we understand the importance making websites mobile-friendly, all Ignition Media sites are specifically made responsive for mobile. Need a mobile website? Call us today!

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