For a Smarter Design, Use Google Fonts

Google Fonts, previously referred to as Google Web Fonts, is an interactive directory of application programming interfaces for web fonts. This interactive directory was released in 2010 under a free software licence – SIL Open Font License.

Why Use Google Fonts

Choosing the best font for your website is one of the easiest yet most crucial decisions you’re going to make when creating your website. Most developers and designers are content with using sans-serif and old serif family. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, it is important that you also lookout for ways to make your website stand out from the crowd and sometimes, this means being different. Optimise your web content not just to make your website easy on the eyes but also to improve readability.

Google Fonts gives you access to 530 (and growing) free web fonts that you can use in web page documents, web content, and blogs. They can also be downloaded to your computer to be used in local programs such as imaging software applications and desktop publishing.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Why is it important in web design?

Before the creation of Google Fonts, web designers wanting to use different fonts were forced to create images for the text instead. This isn’t just time-consuming but has brought several downsides as well; not only was this bad the websites search engine optimisation (as often it’s the important headings that were replaced with images and the h1, h2 tags are most important when it comes to SEO), but also the images would not scaling up well; they’re not readable to both readers and search engines, and the inability to highlight text in images.

Thanks to Google Fonts, designers can now say goodbye to those problems permanently. Essentially, Google Fonts is a collection of optimised fonts accessible in the cloud and is easily embedded into any web project. They can also be downloaded to be used on any computer. Google Fonts site is easy to use and makes the process of comparing and choosing the best fonts hassle-free. Just choose one and you’ll be given the code that you’ll need to embed via CSS or Javascript. It’s that easy. Other advantages include the following:

  • Knowledge on flash or JavaScript is not a requirement.
  • No need to worry about font licenses
  • No need to convert fonts into different formats
  • You’ll have access to different types of effects for easy customisation
  • No need to spend enormous time uploading fonts to the server.
  • Using Google Fonts, your page will load faster.
  • Google Fonts allow you to save not just some bandwidth but also time.

Some of the many benefits of using Google Fonts include having a wide selection of high-quality open-source fonts that are compatible with every mobile device and browser. It is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6+, Google Chrome version 4.249.4, Apple Safari version 3.1+, Mozilla Firefox version 3.5+ and Opera version 10.5+. Easy implementation is also a huge plus.

Get a Website uses Google Fonts

With the various benefits offered, there is no doubt that it’s best to use Google Fonts when developing and designing your website. If you don’t have the needed technical skills and want to hire a Gold Coast website company that can do the legwork for you, you’ll be happy to know that Ignition Media only uses Google Fonts so you have a guarantee that your website will be viewed with correct fonts all the time.

Ignition Media is the leading Gold Coast website design and SEO company that takes pride in developing and designing affordable and attractive, responsive websites for both small businesses. With years of solid experience, you can be assured that you’re in good hands when dealing with us. For quotes, email me at [email protected] or phone 07 5568 7515.

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