How to Choose a Gold Coast Website Designer

Choosing a Gold Coast website designer is pretty much like choosing between success and failure. After all, design can dictate the performance of a website. No matter how good the service, goods, or content it offers, a website will not deliver if the design cannot—quite literally—deliver to the intended audience.

When choosing a designer, you should consider two things.

Actual design

First, assess the quality of the website designs they can create and the services they offer.

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Most Gold Coast website design companies should have readily accessible portfolios. But what you should look at first is the designer’s website itself. Obviously, what respectable online design company would go to business with an ill-made website?

If the company chooses a template design for their site, don’t easily count them out just yet. Consider: is their use of the template design effective? There are several ill-designed templates out there; their choice of design could be a testament to their design taste.

As for the portfolio: besides checking if their design aesthetics fit yours, take note of red flags. Design, after all, can be adjusted based on the client’s needs and wants. Are there any color combinations that clash? Is the quality of the visuals bad? Are there hard to read text anywhere? Is the space on the page properly utilised?

Additional considerations

Of course, website design is more than the visuals. For instance, can they provide an in-house content management or, at the very least, provide CMS port assistance? Do they create designs that support all kinds of browsers—and will they be able to adjust to your needs?

Another good consider is if they can create a mobile version of or a mobile-friendly design for your site (there’s a difference). Many viewers consume online content via mobile devices (from mobile phones to tablets). Make sure you maximize every viewer you can get by making sure your site is mobile gadget-friendly.

But perhaps one of the more important considerations is this: does the website designer only promise to provide good design, or does the designer also focuses on the site’s purpose and goals?

Basically, the key here is to find a Gold Coast website designer that sees the website design as an art but as a business asset and a revenue opportunity. You have a site to make money—and a good designer needs to know how to use the elements of design to meet this goal.

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