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A WordPress developer is someone whose role it is to build or help businesses build WordPress websites. Beyond actually creating your WordPress website, a developer’s major role is ideally to suggest as well as come up with ideas and integrate and modify everything that relates to WordPress.

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast WordPress developer then you’ve come to the right place! Ignition Media have been building WordPress websites since 2008, which is a long time considering WordPress is a relatively new CMS on the market (It was originally only a blogging platform). Here, we develop not only attractive WordPress websites for our Gold Coast clients; we also make sure they are responsive so they work on mobile phones and tablet devices.

Our Gold Coast WordPress developers know when a design calls for customisation and when it does not. Sometimes it is necessary for a complete overhaul of a website’s code, and this is often the case if a client is looking for a new website rather than a website facelift. At Ignition Media, we listen to the requirements that you have and then prescribe an immediate solution that will get you smiling at the end of it all.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

If you also need to cut costs while doing this then our WordPress developers are able to recommend a cheaper solution that excludes coding. For instance, we can suggest using readymade code and premium plugins rather than building the code from scratch. Think of a WordPress developer basically as visionaries and architects. We visualise the bigger picture as well as an optimal way of accomplishing your business goals.

Are you about embark on creating a WordPress website but an off-the-shelf theme simply won’t provide the customisation you require? If this is the case then you definitely require a qualified WordPress developer, as opposed to a website designer to create your website.

There exists a very critical distinction between developers and designers. Though just a small difference exists, it is not always something that you can just ignore, particularly in this case. To clear the air, a website designer focuses on majorly images and designs (what the site looks like) while a website developer, on the other hand, surpasses this and goes beyond adding custom functionality to enhance a standard WordPress install.

At Ignition Media, our WordPress developers design the websites interface as well as coding work, whereas other firms may hand over some of the projects to other staff members to perform the actual design and coding. This, however, makes little difference in the finished product; however, it can allow the project to compete faster and certainly means communication with your WordPress developer easier if there is only one person to deal with.

In most cases, hiring an expert WordPress developer on the Gold Coast trickles down to common sense since you just need to define what you really need. Therefore, what is those specific points to consider before you can hire a Gold Coast WordPress developer that will do the job right?

Here is what to consider:

A Powerful WordPress portfolio

Of course, you can hire the services of a company overseas, but how sure are you that you are going to receive the exact high-quality service you ask for? A great WordPress developer is going to portray a very strong portfolio that you can see and even test right from your own browser. So be sure to check some of their latest project scores.

Good communication

In a variety of ways, this also comes down to the same issue. It is much easier to find a website with a language barrier somewhere along the line. This is the point at which teamwork comes in very handy. Make sure that you concerns and inputs are going to be listened to and understood.

Someone who understands your business needs

Experienced WordPress developers create websites that look awesome and give you pages as well as software that will boost the profitability of your company. The truth remains that launching a great website calls for a significant amount of money, energy and time. Avoid working with individuals that don’t get the “business needs” aspects clearly.

An eye for coding and design knowledge

Always bear in mind the fact that aesthetics form just half of the entire equation. You definitely need strong functionality, particularly if you require powerful custom or ecommerce database capabilities. Be sure to select vendors that combine a creative eye with a knack for back end coding ability.


You need a website that portrays the same kind of professionalism that is characteristic of your business. If it does not then you will have missed your target. Take your time to select the best WordPress developer for your website development needs. You will be glad you took time to verify their real identities.

As a Gold Coast WordPress developer, I have built hundreds of successful websites as a result of fulfilling client needs and requirements. I’m proud of the happy clients that can vouch for their designs. If you’re looking for a Gold Coast WordPress developer that has a powerful portfolio, good communication skills (call me!), listens and understands your needs and can code and design, then contact me today!

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