Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name

How important is a name in this world? How important is your name? Your name is your identity. Parents even strive to hone the child after the name he/she has been given, and it is human psychology that tries to adapt to the given name, so a Hercules will stand arms akimbo, while a Jeannie will have a mischievous, magical glint in her eye. Name is equally important in the virtual world. Choosing the right domain name for your business or personal website is not only an essential part of establishing your internet presence, it is compulsory, lest you want to spend the next few years tearing your hair apart, looking for reasons why your website is not giving the proper ROI.

Here are some tips on searching the right domain name:

Easy Spelling: Ensure that the name of your website can be typed even by a half sleepy person in the dead of the night. Yes, Wikipedia has a difficult domain name, but there many reasons why the website has stuck in people’s minds and this article will not be enough to elaborate on them.

Be Different: It may seem, to name your website with just a synonym or alphabet change from some of the major websites. However, there is no guarantee that it would seem the same to the people accessing your website. Therefore, ensure that your website name is nowhere near in spelling or pronunciation to the other websites.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Extension: Take some time out to choose the extension to your website. If your website has a global presence, you just cannot compromise on the .com extension. However, if the product or service you would be offering is restricted to a certain geographical area, or any other specific reason, then it is only right for you to buy a domain name with extension of that area or requirement such as .info, .org, .edu, etc.