Considerations When Using WordPress Templates

WordPress a the CMS used by millions of sites, which is not surprising since it is the most powerful and most popular website content and blogging content management system available today. Because of its popularity, there are millions of WordPress templates available which ultimately determine the look of a WordPress site. Some WordPress templates are free, some you can purchase online, or you can choose to have a web design company such as Ignition Media create a custom WordPress template for you.

If you are looking to get a new WordPress template, I advise you to take a couple of things into consideration first, before you make the final decision. In this article, I will explore what to should consider when using WordPress templates.

Free Vs Premium WordPress templates –There are a couple of reasons why free and premium WordPress templates are created. I will explain premium WordPress templates first. There are many sites that sell WordPress templates which can be very attractive to business owners looking for a more professional finish on a small budget. Here, programmers create templates and uploaded them to sites such as in order to gain revenue from its sales. When it comes to free WordPress templates, programmers create templates and uploaded them to sites knowing that you will be able to freely download the template. How it becomes beneficial to them is that attacked to the theme, usually in the footer is a link back to their own website. This not only helps them to get more visitors, but the link helps to increase their rankings on Google and other search engines. The other reason is something I am sure you would not expect to see. Free templates are often created to spread malicious code and malware. If you are not experienced, you will step right into a trap. To avoid finding yourself in this unpleasant situation, I suggest that you purchase a template from popular seller or get in touch with us here at Ignition Media for a custom solution.

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Customised vs. Custom WordPress templates – This sounds similar to many, but there is a huge difference. If your template is customised, it generally means it is a premium WordPress template that allows you to make sections to customise the appearance to fit your business, your ideas and style. This usually includes adding your business’s logo, changing position of the content and choosing different colours. A custom WordPress template is a totally different story. As mentioned, these templates are designed by professional WordPress developers means that the template is created from scratch to fit your needs and style. You are the only one who has it!

Why is a Custom WordPress template the best possible option? –If you hire a professional, you can count the quality of the code, and if you have any issues, you can always contact the company and they will fix it for you. With a custom template, you don’t have to worry about regular updates. On the other hand, with premium themes, regular updates are required, and if you miss an update your site will become a perfect target for hackers. If you want to have a website that will reflect everything you do in the best light, there is no better option than a custom template. Such a site will connect you with the specific target market, meet all your goals and it will fit your style, business and branding. If you want to get a premium template, be sure to purchase it from only a trusted site, but know that thousands of websites potentially will have the same template as your website. With a custom theme, you can rest assured that your site is original and unique.


If you are looking to get a new WordPress template, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration. I suggest you learn about free and premium templates, and the difference between customised and custom WordPress templates so you are able to make the best decision for your business needs.

If you’re ready to get a new WordPress template, but not quite sure if its custom or customised, or you are concerned that it might spread malware, then get in touch with us here at Ignition Media; we provide free advice and create a custom WordPress Templates that exceed expectations.

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